FFL Transfers

FFL Transfers - Mississippi Gulf CoastIf you are purchasing a firearm online, want to have one shipped to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, or need help initiating an in-person transfer, Dad’s Super Pawn is a fully licensed Federal Firearms dealer. You can have your firearm shipped here, do the paperwork and background check, and pick up your firearm.

To initiate this simple process:

1)  Provide the dealer shipping your firearm a copy of our FFL (available below) and have them ship it to us with your name and contact information attached
2)  Contact Us, ask for Shipping and Receiving, and let us know you are having a firearm transferred so we can expedite the process for when we receive your item
3)  Wait for us to contact you. We will need time to process your transfer properly by law after receiving it. We will contact you as soon as you are clear to come in for the paperwork, background check, etc.

You can download a copy of our FFL (available below in PDF and JPG formats). To pick up your firearm, we charge a $40 fee (plus MS sales tax) per serialized weapon. We also require that you present a valid Mississippi State ID or Driver’s License to get the paperwork and background check done. If you are denied after the background check, the transfer fee is non-refundable and you will be charged the cost of shipping the weapon back to the dealer.

If you receive a tracking number from your dealer, be aware that it may take up to 24 hours for us to get your weapon/item cataloged. It is important that you DO NOT come in until you have heard from us even if you see we have received the item through tracking. By Federal Law, the weapons we receive must be cataloged properly before we can begin the transfer process.

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SOT Transfers

SOT Transfers - Mississippi Gulf CoastDad’s Super Pawn is also a Class III dealer of Silencers/Suppressors, Short-Barreled Rifles & Shotguns, Fully Automatic Weapons, and AOWs (Any Other Weapon not categorized) that are governed under the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934. A Federal Tax Stamp is required to purchase Class III items. That fee is currently $200 + a $5 processing fee. No sales tax is required. For Class III transfers, we charge a $100 fee (plus MS sales tax) per serialized item. This fee includes a kiosk fee, fingerprinting, and passport-style photo. Please note that we have no control over how long it will take for your tax stamp to be approved. A Federal tax stamp is required for each serialized item. A valid Mississippi State ID or Driver’s License required for the transfer. Click the link below to download a copy of our SOT (available in PDF and JPG formats) and send it to your dealer to initiate a transfer. If you’re local and are interested in purchasing a Class III item directly from us, please come in and let us help you.

FFL & SOT Form Downloads

To download the JPG version, click on the image and the image will open in a shadow box.
Right-click on the image and select “Save image as…” from the pop-up menu and save it to a folder on your computer.

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